Department of Biochemistry
DG Vaishnav College

Study of reactions inside your body

         The undergraduate program in Biochemistry was started in the year 1995. The department was upgraded to a postgraduate department in 1998 with state of art facilities. The primary objective of the department is to develop and strengthen the “academics-industry” relationship, in order to make the students passing out industry-ready besides imparting value-based education. The department also facilitates interactions with eminent experts from industries and hospitals. The M.Sc lab was  renovated  in the year 2008  to provide a spacious setup with a separate instrumentation room and a project room. A computer room has also been  set up with  10  computers to facilitate the students to use the ebooks and to provide basic skill in computing. The department has the following :
1.  B.Sc Biochemistry Lab
2.  M.Sc Biochemistry Lab
3.  Allied Microbiology Lab
4.  Computational Biochemistry Lab
5.  MSc Project Lab
6.  Library with 500+ books & e-books

       The department has a well stocked library books with all the subjects. There are 546 books available in the department library.  Besides, the library also maintains CD for the biochemistry books, M.Sc dissertations, Question banks for the B.Sc and  M.Sc Biochemistry courses and  100+ eBooks on various biochemistry topics.  Students are provided with ebooks of the autonomous  syllabus and lab manual once they are admitted.

Teaching Methodology

                Besides the conventional method of greenboard/blackboard chalk teaching, the department employs LCD, OHP projectors for taking regular classes.  Structure of Molecules are taught by open source tools on molecular graphics software.  In order to exchange and update the students on the latest developments in Biochemistry, a group named Biochemicians has been created in FaceBook.  It is a closed group and members are invited/suggested by admins to join.  Till date more 500 members have joined the group and the number is increasing. Students are provided with customized ebooks, question bank on the autonomous syllabus as soon as they join on the semester subjects.  Practical manuals are also provided before hand to reduce the time for record writing.

Both BSc and MSc students are encouraged to do simple projects to enhance their interest in the subject.  Students have published their simple findings in various seminars and conferences.

Students Extra Curricular activities

Sports  - Many of our students actively take part in a range of sports activities, both in inter college and intra college events.

NCC    -  Our students have gone to Delhi for Republic day parade.  Two of our students have participated in the Hero Honda motor cycle expeditions to create awareness on social issues.

Entrepreneurship Activities
The Department encourages and motivates its students to become successful entrepreneurs in colloboration with the College cell "SHRISHTI".  Our students have created a range of hand made products which includes paper bags, Pen stand, Flower vases etc. which are sold in our college campus.


  1. Dr.P.T,Srinivasan, M.Sc., Ph.D., M.A.(P&R) M.Sc(B.I),MA (T)SLET                          Head
  2. Dr.. R.Uma, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Sc (B.I).,PhD,SLET                                                      Asst.Prof.
  3. Mr. D. Saravanan, M.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed.                                                                        Asst.Prof.
  4. Ms. M. Kavitha, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., SLET., NET.                                                     Asst.Prof.
  5. Ms.Sangeetha Sathyanarayanan, M.Sc., M.Phil.MSc (Psy).SET                            Asst.Prof.
  6. Dr.D.Anandhi, M.Sc., M.Phil.,PhD, NET,SLET.                                                           Asst.Prof.
  7. Ms.S.Vaidehi, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Sc (B.I). SET                                                             Asst.Prof.
  8. Ms.K. Nagalakshmi, M.Sc., M.Phil., NET,SLET                                                         Asst.Prof.
  9.   Dr.G.Sriram Prasath, MSc, PhD                                                                                Asst.Prof
  10.  Dr.D.Jayakumar MSc,PhD,SET                                                                               Asst.Prof
  11. Mrs.Maria Rebellow MSc,MPhil,ICAR                                                                    Asst.Prof.                     Laboratory Staff

1.        Mrs.Priya.MSc,MPhil                                                                         Demonstrator

2.        Mrs. Chitra                                                                                           Lab Assistant                                                                                         

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