Department of Biochemistry
DG Vaishnav College

Study of reactions inside your body

National Seminar on Lifestyle Diseases - Causes & Prevention, 22nd Jan 2014

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The New Indian Express  -    On the International Conference conducted by the Dept. of Biochemistry,DG Vaishnav College.

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Bio-chemistry teachers want GO revoked  - In 1998, the then government issued a GO (No 254), which states that the subject Bio-Chemistry is equivalent to Chemistry. Then in 2002, another GO (No 71) was issued by the then AIADMK government, which states that the candidates holding Bio-Chemistry degree along with B Ed are eligible to work as science teachers in government and government-aided schools. Based on these two GOs, from 1998 to 2009, candidates were selected under Teachers Recruitment Board.  -By Express News Service - CHENNAI 27th May 2013 08:23 AM

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International Conference

Jivarasayan Launch


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Sports participaton

Sports participation

Cellutions -2007

Dr.P.T.Srinivasan, Head, giving a live interview on job prospects of biochemistry in Sun News channel on April 16th 2013.
Dr.P.T.Srinivasan, Head, giving a live interview on the scope of biochemistry in Sun News "Aalosanai Neram" on 14th August,2011 at 11am (IST)